FPA 2019 Excellence in Fusion Engineering Awards Announced

August 22, 2019

FPA Excellence in Fusion Engineering Awards have been given annually since 1987, in memory of MIT Professor David J. Rose, to recognize persons in the relatively early part of their careers who have shown both technical accomplishment and potential to become exceptionally influential leaders in the fusion field.

2019 Excellence in Fusion Engineering Awards will be presented to David Pace (General Atomics) and to Joe Milnes (UKAEA Culham).

David Pace is recognized "for his extremely varied accomplishments and demonstrated leadership skills. His contributions have impacted fusion efforts at MIT, General Atomics and throughout the world. The Board especially notes his unique contributions to diagnostics that have improved understanding and performance in tokamaks."

Joe Milnes is recognized "for his technical contributions and demonstrated managerial and leadership skills during the construction of the MAST-U project, and his current role as Senior Manager for JET Operations. HIs contributions are impacting tokamak efforts at Culham, PPPL and throughout the world."

It is planned to present the awards at Fusion Power Associates 40th annual meeting and symposium, December 3-4 in Washington, DC. A list of previous recipients and information on the annual meeting are posted at http://fusionpower.org.