FPA 2020 Excellence in Fusion Engineering Awards

August 5, 2020

FPA Excellence in Fusion Engineering Awards have been given annually since 1987, in memory of MIT Professor David J. Rose, to recognize persons in the relatively early part of their careers who have shown both technical accomplishment and potential to become exceptionally influential leaders in the fusion field.

2020 Excellence in Fusion Engineering Awards will be presented to Egemen Kolemen (Princeton University and Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory) and to David Turnbull (University of Rochester Laboratory for Laser Energetics).

Egemen Kolemen is recognized "for your impactful contributions to the analysis, control and optimization of current and future fusion experimental facilities, including the potential use of liquid metals to enable high heat flux exhaust systems operation in fusion power plants, and especially for your important work in applying your results to a variety of fusion projects worldwide including NSTX-U, DIII-D, KSTAR, EAST, LHD and ITER, and for the leadership you are providing within a variety of current national and international evaluation and advisory groups."

David Turnbull is recognized for your outstanding contributions to, and pioneering experiments on, plasma photonics and laser-plasma instability research, and especially for your many high-impact publications, reflecting both theoretical and experimental skills, leading to significant advances in fundamental understanding and important applications, and for your demonstrated leadership in applying your results to laser facilities such as OMEGA and NIF, resulting in promising new paths toward ignition for both direct and indirect drive.

It is planned to present the awards at Fusion Power Associates 41st annual meeting December 16-17 in Washington, DC (covid-willing). A list of previous recipients and information on the annual meeting are posted at http://fusionpower.org.