FPA 2021 Distinguished Career Awards

July 21, 2021

Fusion Power Associates (FPA) Board of Directors has selected the recipients of its 2021 Distinguished Career Awards. The awards will be presented at Fusion Power Associates 42nd Annual Meeting and Symposium, Pathways to Fusion Power, December 15-16, in Washington, DC.

FPA Distinguished Career Awards have been given annually since 1987 to recognize individuals who have made distinguished lifelong career contributions to fusion energy development. A list of previous recipients is at https://fusionpower.org and click on Awards.

2021 Distinguished Career Awards will be presented to
Stephen Slutz (Sandia National Laboratores)
and to
Donald Spong (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Stephen Slutz is recognized that, for more than 40 years, he has been one of the most innovative and prolific theorists in inertial confinement fusion research and a leading innovator in all approaches to pulsed-power-driven Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF). He is especially recognized for his work on the design of ICF targets for intense ion beams, x-ray indirect drive, fast ignition, and magnetic direct-drive and in, particular, for his invention of the Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion concept (MagLIF) that has become a leading approach to inertial confinement fusion with pulsed power drivers.

Don Spong is recognized for his significant and life-long research on the physics of energetic ions and runaway electrons in tokamak plasmas, as well as for seminal contributions to transport optimization of stellarator configurations. He is especially recognized for the variety of his research topics and impressive record of collaborations with other fusion groups throughout the world.

Steve can be contacted at saslutz@sandia.gov
Don can be contacted at spongda@ornl.gov