FPA 2021 Excellence in Fusion Engineering Awards

July 30, 2021

FPA Excellence in Fusion Engineering Awards have been given annually since 1987, in memory of MIT Professor David J. Rose, to recognize persons in the relatively early part of their careers who have shown both technical accomplishment and potential to become exceptionally influential leaders in the fusion field.

2021 Excellence in Fusion Engineering Awards will be presented to John Canik (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) and to Tammy Ma (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory).

John Canik is recognized for his pioneering contributions to understanding transport-optimized stellarators, mechanisms that control edge processes in tokamaks, and divertor detachment modeling, as well as for the outstanding leadership has been providing to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory fusion program, noting that his research is recognized internationally and continues to have a major impact on the direction of fusion research worldwide.

Tammy Ma is recognized for the impressive and influential body of scientific work she has completed during her relatively short career to date. She is also recognized for the many leadership roles she has played and is playing, both for a wide spectrum of technical projects and for her influence in fusion community planning and assessment activities.

It is planned to present the awards at Fusion Power Associates 42nd annual meeting December 15-16 in Washington, DC (covid-willing). A list of previous recipients and information on the annual meeting are posted at https://fusionpower.org.