Fusion Power Associates 42nd Annual Meeting

October 19, 2021

Fusion Power Associates 42nd Annual Meeting and Symposium will be held December 15-16 in hybrid format. In-person participation will be at the Grand Hyatt Washington hotel in Washington, DC. Simultaneous webinar participation will also be available via Zoom.

A form for registration with link for hotel reservations is available at: https://fusionpower.org/RegistrationForm.html

The current agenda is as follows:

Agenda (10/19)
Wednesday December 15

7:30 AM Registration
8:00    Welcome - Tony Taylor, Chair, FPA Board
8:10    Presentation of Awards - Stephen O. Dean, President, FPA
8:30    Keynote Address -- Speaker TBD
9:00 World Perspectives
          Yutaka Kamada - Deputy Director General, Naka Fusion Institute, Japan (C)
          Suk Jae Yoo - President, Korean Institute of Fusion Energy, Korea (Confirmed)
          Yican Wu - Director, INEST, China (Confirmed)
10:15  Break
10:45  James Van Dam - Assoc. Director for FES, USDOE (Confirmed)
          Scott Hsu - Program Director, ARPA-E (Confirmed)
          Njema Frazier - NNSA (Probable)
11;30 Lunch
1:00  Planning
          Ian Chapman - CEO UKAEA, Director Culham,  UK Program (Confirmed)
          Tony Donne - Programme Manager, EUROfusion (Confirmed)
          Troy Carter - UCLA, FESAC Strategic Plan Report (Confirmed)
          Richard Hawryluk - PPPL (retired), NASEM Pilot Plant Report (Confirmed)
          Andrew Sowder - Senior Technical Executive, EPRI (Invited)
2:30  US Magnetic Confinement
          Wayne Solomon - Deputy Director, Magnetic Fusion Energy. GA (Confirmed)
          Steven Cowley - Director, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (Confirmed)
          Mickey Wade - Director, Fusion Energy Division, ORNL (Confirmed)
          Dennis Whyte - Director, Plasma Science and Fusion Center, MIT (Confirmed)
3:45    Break
4:15  US Inertial Confinement
          Michael Campbell - Director, Lab for Laser Energetics, U. Rochester (Confirmed)
          Tammy Ma - Program Leader, HED Science, LLNL (Confirmed)
          Daniel Sinars - Director, Pulsed Power, Sandia NatÕl Laboratories (Confirmed)
          Stephen Obenschain - Head, Laser Plasma Branch, NRL (Confirmed)
          Michael Farrell - Director for ICF, General Atomics (Confirmed)
5:30    Eva Kostadinova - Chair, Coalition for Plasma Science (Confirmed)
6:00 Š 7:30   Reception followed by Board of Directors Meeting      

Thursday December 16

8:00  ITER
          Bernard Bigot - Director General, ITER Organization (Confirmed)
          Kathryn McCarthy - Associate Director, ORNL (Confirmed)
          Harry Kelso - Intern, ITER Organization  (5 minutes) (Confirmed)
8:30    Stellarator Pathways
          Thomas Sunn Pedersen - Max Planck Institute, Germany (Confirmed)
          Nagato Yanagi - National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan (Confirmed)
          Michael Zarnstorff - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, U.S. (Confirmed)
9:15  Private Sector and Partnerships
          Michl Binderbauer - CEO TAE Technologies (Confirmed)
          David Kingham - Executive Vice Chairman - Tokamak Energy, UK (Confirmed)
          Christofer Mowry - CEO General Fusion (Confirmed)
          Bob Mumgaard - CEO, Commonwealth Fusion Systems (Confirmed)
          Richard Pearson - Co-Founder, Kyoto Fusioneering (Confirmed)
10:30  Break
11:00  Ben Levitt - Zap Energy (Confirmed)
11:15  Hafiz Rahman - President, MIFTI (Confirmed)
11:30  Lunch
1:00    Adam Rosenberg and Hilary OÕBrien (Confirmed) -
          Energy Subcommittee, House Science, Space and Technology Committee
1:30    Perspectives
          Mohamed Abdou - Director, Fusion Science and Techn Ctr, UCLA (Confirmed)
          David Babineau - Director, Tritium Technology Division, SRNL (Confirmed)
          Farhat Beg - Director, Center for Energy Research, UCSD (Confirmed)
          Siegfried Glenzer - Director, High Energy Density Science, SLAC (Confirmed)
          John Kline - Manager, FES and NNSA Fusion Research, LANL (Confirmed)
          Harry McLean - Leader, Fusion Energy Sciences, LLNL (Confirmed)
          Thomas Schenkel - Program Head for Fusion Science and Ion Beam                                                             Technology, LBNL (Confirmed)
4:15    Kramer Akli - Fusion Energy Sciences, DOE (Confirmed)
4:30    Adjourn