Fusion in the House-passed Reconciliation Bill

November 19, 2021

The U.S. House of Representative today passed a "Reconciliation Bill" (Also referred to as President Biden's Build Back Better Bill) which, if passed by the Senate, would provide almost 2 trillion dollars over 5 years in a large number of areas. Fusion is one of the areas.

Fusion would receive $885 million in new spending over five years, or an average of $177 million per year.

The bill states the total of $885 million should be allocated as follows:

$325 million for a new milestone-based public private partnership program,
$200 million for Fusion Materials Research and Development,
$140 million for a new Inertial Fusion Research and Development program,
$200 million for a new Alternative and Enabling Fusion Energy Concepts program, and
$20 million to initiate Fusion Reactor System Design.