Jim Van Dam to Receive Special Leadership Award from FPA

October 10, 2022

Dr. James W. Van Dam (Jim) officially retired on September 30 from his position as head of the U.S. Department of Energy's Fusion Energy Science Program. Fusion Power Associates (FPA) Board of Directors will recognize and honor Jim with a Special Leadership Award at the upcoming December 7-8 FPA Annual Meeting and Symposium in Washington DC.

Information on the meeting can be obtained from fusionpwrassoc@aol.com

Jim can now be reached at james.w.vandam@gmail.com

An email and letter has been sent to Jim that reads as follows:


This is to formally advise you that the Fusion Power Associates Board of Directors has unanimously voted to present a Special FPA Leadership Award to you at our upcoming 43rd Annual Meeting and Symposium, December 7-8 in Washington, DC.

In recognizing you with this Special Leadership Award, the FPA Board notes that, during the last five years, your steady hand and influence has brought the fusion community together to produce three truly remarkable (and totally un-imaginable a few years earlier) reports for US fusion research and positioned the US program for the current White House sponsored initiative on fusion.

The Board also notes that you have quietly and effectively implemented a large range of FESAC recommendations, including initiatives on fusion simulation, boundary/material science, and transient control as well as launched new programs in high energy density plasma science and public-private partnerships. In addition, the US ITER program is now solidly funded by Congress, the project is delivering on its milestones and a ITER Research Needs workshop is now reaching completion.

Your contributions go beyond great leadership and include elements of international diplomacy and negotiation. You are a fusion leader with a global view and broad visions. You have not only made significant contributions to US fusion programs, but also promoted extensive international cooperation between the United States and other countries. The world-leading collaboration between the U.S. and China, especially on DIII-D and EAST, could not have been so successful and productive without your endorsement and support.

You are also liked and respected as a man of integrity and empathy.

A copy of the latest agenda for our Annual Meeting is attached.

Please accept my congratulations on behalf of myself and all our Board of Directors.

Steve Dean, President
Fusion Power Associates