Parameters, Loading Conditions and Allowables

Pnwl,peakpeak neutron wall load1.75MW/m2spatial distribution
qmaxpeak surface heat flux
Romajor radius4.8m
Botoroidal field on axis7.5T
TminSiC minimum allowable temperature600C
TmaxSiC maximum allowable temperature1100C
σmaxSiC allowable stress190MPa
Tin,HeHe inlet temperature600C
Tout,HeHe outlet temperature1000C
Tin,PbLiPbLi inlet temperaturetbdC
Tout,PbLiPbLi outlet temperaturetbdC
ηconversion efficiency60%
pincoolant inlet pressuretbdMPa
poutcoolant outlet pressuretbdMPa
TBRnet plant tritium breeding ratio1.04
maximum Li enrichment90%for cost reasons
burnup lifetime of SiC composites3%
He production in lifetime components1appmreweldability limit of steels
dose to polyimide magnet insulators1011radsglass fiber filled polyimide (ARIES)
dose to epoxy magnet insulators5x1010radshybrid epoxy and cyanate with glass (FNSF)
HTSC fast n fluence4x1018n/cm2REBCO at 40 K
NbTi fast n fluence3x1018n/cm2
Nb3Sn fast n fluence1019n/cm2
HTSC nuclear heatingmW/cm3
LTSC nuclear heating in windingmW/cm3
LTSC nuclear heating in coil casemW/cm3
operating life for permament components8.5FPYfull power years (FNSF)